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Bike Service & Repair

Your Bike Repair Experts

When you bring your bicycle or electric bike to us for maintenance or repair, our friendly, professionally trained mechanics will assess your bike's needs. Whether your bike is in need of a minor adjustment or a major overhaul, we promise that your ride is in good hands. All of our talented mechanics have over 75 years of combined experience working on all types of bikes, from high end carbon road bikes to full suspension mountain bikes.

If your e-bike has a motor system that we do not service, we can offer select repairs, such as a flat tire fix, only if you remove the part (i.e., a wheel) that needs servicing before entering the shop. We are unable to service any part or component that is integrated or connected to the drive unit, throttle, and/or braking system unless the bike is a brand we carry AND was purchased from a reputable bike shop (excludes most bikes purchased online).

Service Appointments:  We require a service appointment for most work that we perform. Due to high demand we are scheduling appointments 1-3 weeks out at this time. As always, if you have an (non-electrical) issue that is stopping you from riding - flat tire, broken chain - reach out and we will work to keep you rolling! Call us or email us at

All bikes must be picked up or delivered to the customer within 7 days of work being completed or we reserve the right to charge a $10 per day storage fee until the bike is picked up. We have limited storage space for bikes and are unable to offer extended storage time unless we move your bike to an offsite storage facility. 

Service Menu

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, we recommend choosing one of our complete tune-up packages, or you can purchase our annual service package when you purchase your next bike from us. We also offer a la carte bike repairs if you're in need of a minor fix or adjustment. We strive to complete your bike service quickly and accurately. 

While we will do our best to acommodate walk-ins for emergency repairs (chain or flat repairs), we do recommend that you call ahead and schedule a service appointment for anything more than this. Electric bike diagnostic and repairs can vary greatly depending on the brand of the bike and the specific service or repairs needed. We charge $120 to diagnose any issues with electric bikes (save 50% if you purchased your bike from us). For SPECIALIZED bikes, any parts covered under warranty will be replaced free of charge (Specialized covers the labor). We charge labor for all work performed unless otherwise specified. 

*Note: We only work on electronic systems and components on e-bike brands that we sell, and that are purchased from a reputable brick and mortar bike shop. If you are unsure what type of ebike motor system you have, we strongly encourage you to call before bringing your bike in. If your ebike has a motor system that we do not service, or if you purchased your bike from an online retailer, we can offer select repairs and service, such as a general tune up, flat repair, or brake system repairs and maintenance. We do not service any ebike part or component that is integrated or connected to the drive unit, throttle, and/or braking system unless purchased from one of our shops or another reputable bike shop. We reserve the right to refuse to do any work or service on any bike, and we reserve the right to reevaluate this policy at any time.

Bronze Service Package

 Starting at


Our Bronze Service is FREE, for life, with the purchase of a Bicycle and can be redeemed at any one of our locations.

 The Bronze Service is recommended every 50 hours and includes: 

Torque all fasteners

Align and adjust brakes

Align and adjust shifting

Adjust headset

Inspect bottom bracket

Lube drivetrain

(Free service not included with the purchase of a discounted bike)

We start with a 35-point inspection. Once complete, our professional mechanics will review with you and confirm a budget and ETA for any additionally recommended service and repairs

Recommended once within your first 6 months of ebike ownership at between 300 and 500 miles


Silver Service Package

Starting at


"Want your bike feeling like new and riding like new, get a Level 2." 

Our Silver Service is recommended every 100 hours. 

  • Everything in Bronze, PLUS…

  • Bike Wash/Cleaning

  • Adjust Hubs

  • Remove and clean crankset, chain, and cassette

  • True Wheels

Gold Service Package

Starting at


Our Gold Service Overhaul is recommended every 150+ hours. 

  • Everything in Bronze and Silver, PLUS…

    • Replace brake cables and housing (parts additional cost)

    • Replace shift cables and housing (parts additional cost)

    • Overhaul bottom bracket

    • Overhaul headset

    • Overhaul front and rear hubs

    • Service freehub body

    • Replace bearing(s) (parts additional cost)

    • Hardtail MTB: $495

    • Full Suspension MTB: $695

    • * Additional fee for hydraulic brake flush

    • * Additional fee for e-Bikes needing motor to be removed

Annual Service Membership

$295 ($800+ value)

Includes unlimited Bronze Service Package and, up to 2 Silver Service Packages, plus two complimentary flat repairs and two complimentary diagnostics for any electronic issues 

Can be purchased with all bike sales (including discounted/used bikes)

Must be purchased at time the bike is purchased, and will be renewed annually unless customer cancels atleast 30 days before renewal

Priority VIP scheduling and expedited service will be provided to all members that purchase this annual service package

Members also get up to 4 daily ebike rentals annually from any of our locations, which can be used for friends and family or while your bike is in service

General Labor/E-bike Diagnostic


One of the many benefits of purchasing a bike from Mad Dogs is discounted service and repairs. If you purchase a bike from us you SAVE 50% off our hourly labor rate ($60/hr)

Plus, customers that choose to support our small family owned business will get VIP priority scheduling and service for all of your bike maintenance and repair needs

A La Carte Services

Inspection/Safety Check

$40 (35 point inspection and safety check)- waived with purchase of any service package or general labor/diagnostic

$40 E-bike Software/firmware update


$20 Tire/Tube change ($40-60 for eBikes)
$30-40 Wheel true
$45 Spoke replacement (2 max)
$150 Wheel build
$25 Hub adjustment
$35 Free hub body install
$35 Hub overhaul front ($45 rear)


$10 Derailleur adjustment ($15 with hanger straightening)
$35 Derailleur install
$30 Drive-train cleaning ($65 for complete breakdown)
$15 Chain install
$15 Cassette install
$35 Chainring install


$10 - $20 Brake adjustment
$15 Brake pad installation
$35-$55 Disc brake bleed

Bottom Bracket

$25 Bottom bracket adjustment
$45 Bottom bracket overhaul/install


$10 Headset adjustment
$35 Headset overhaul
$35 Headset install
$40-$50 Fork install

Shifters/Brake Levers/Handlebars

$30 Shifter/Brake lever install
$75 Cable/Housing Install: all new cables and housing for both brakes and derailleurs
$15-$25 Cable/Housing install (a la carte)
$30 Shifter recovery
$30 Handlebar install
$15 Stem install
$15 Wrap handlebars
$5 Grip install


Sidecar assembly free with purchase (local pickup or delivery only)

$175 Sidecar mounting/alignment to your bike (free if you purchase your bike from us) 


$125- $250 Build a bike/ e-bike from a box, hourly rate for custom builds
$150- $200 Box a bike/ e-bike, specialty bikes subject to hourly rate

NOTE: If you choose to purchase a bike that we sell direct from the MFG online, we will charge $300 to build the bike and $120 per hour for future service, repairs and maintenance. You also get no complimentary tuneups and no complimentary e-bike rentals for friends and family. We price match all online sales promotions from the mfg of the brands we carry. If we price match a discounted online sale price or promotion, we reserve the right to charge $200 for bike assembly, or you can choose to pick up the bike in a box and assemble yourself (the same as if you bought online). You do not get complimentary tuneups with any discounted bike purchases unless you choose to purchase our annual service plan. 

Contact us about Bike Service

Home Bike Repair

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. We have an excellent selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products, and quality work stands. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.