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Vintage Electric 72 Volt Shelby Electric Bike & Matching Sidecar

Vintage Electric 72 Volt Shelby Electric Bike & Matching Sidecar
$8,999.00 - $9,574.00
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Enjoy a beautiful Vintage Electric Limited Edition Shelby 72 Volt E-Bike with a made to order matching sidecar and save $700 on the bundled set when purchased together.

Optional sidecar accessories shown in photo that are not included:

Sidecar removable seat
Sidecar seatbelt(s)/ Pet Harness Bolts
Sidecar Rain Hood
Shipping and Assembly (free shipping and assembly if picked up from one of our shops in California)
Please note: Bikes in stock will ship right away. Sidecars are made to order and will ship separately. Lead-times on sidecars vary, typically 4-6 weeks for stock colors and 6-12 weeks for custom colors. We do stock sidecars in our shops that are available for demo rides and local purchase.

Shelby 72 Volt Electric Bike $7249

Optional Race Mode ($149 Value- free with bike and sidecar purchase)

Custom Shelby Painted matching sidecar $2300


This is not your typical low quality, mass produced Vintage Inspired E-bike that you find private branded by different online retailers all over the internet. We call those Chinese Catalog Bikes. We hand pick the best of the best to showcase in our stores, and in our opinion this is the best in class when it comes to a Vintage Inspired Throttle Electric Bike.

Superior Design Aesthetics- like a timeless Porsche Chassis, the Vintage Electric Bike has remained the same design from it's first production bike created and built by the founder here in Californa nearly 10 years ago. This is the only bike we know of that is upgradable. Meaning you buy a bike and in a few years, if the power and range and electronic components improve in future models, you can pay to have your bike upgraded to the latest and greatest. This saves you from having to buy an entirely new bike, and also keeps bikes out of landfills.

These bikes provide the highest torque, fastest acceleration, smoothest and quietest ride, plus the longest range of any similar bike on the market. Take one for a test ride and you will immediately know what we are talking about. Nothing looks as good or rides as good.

With 3x the torque, 4000 watt drivetrain, 40mph top speed (in race mode), and 3 hour charge time, no other throttle e-bike can touch this one…

in 2022 Vintage Electric went back to the drawing board to cut their 5-30 mph acceleration times in half. But they didn't stop there. The new 72v Roadster, Scrambler, And Shelby offer full speed runs up 15-20% grade hills. This bike loses no speed and doesn't need top be pedaled when climbing steep hills. While the timeless lines haven’t changed… The power certainly has. This bike comes in a street legal setting (750 watt/ 20 MPH) and an optional race mode (4000 watt/ 40 mph).


With Shelby perfected performance setting the bar, enjoy full-throttle racing speeds up to a remarkable 40mph.* The rear-hub motor—despite its cobra-striking power—is reading-room quiet, powered by our re-engineered 72 volt 1123 watt-hour battery that’ll take you up to 75 miles when fully charged. Charging takes only 3 hours, long enough to catch up on plenty of classic Shelby racing video clips! *Private property only.


With 3x the torque, 40mph top speed, and up to 4,000 Watts of power in race mode. The game has just been changed.


An intelligent vintage beauty echoing iconic Shelby designs of yesteryear or a cold-cast flayer of lessers not worthy? With the Shelby you get both: exquisite design aesthetics (marvel at the hydroformed aluminum frame and all-over artful touches—just take a look at the picture’s-worth-a-1000-words beauty shots!) and designed-to-deliver detail (stabilizing front suspension, retro-chic LED headlamp and much more).

Questions? Give us a call or stop into one of our shops and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.