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Bicycle Sidecars Bicycle Sidecar Frame Set

Bicycle Sidecars Bicycle Sidecar Frame Set
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Base steel frame with wheel, fender and mounting bracket.
The complete set for you who wants to build your own sidecar, you just need to build the body.

Choose your mounting bracket and frame size to ensure a proper fit for your bike.

Mounting bracket comes in two sizes (short and long). See how to measure below.

Frame comes in two sizes (for bikes with 20" wheels and for bikes with 24"-29" wheels). Wheel on the sidecar for bikes with 20" wheels is 18 x 2.35. Wheel on the sidecar for bikes with 24-29" wheels is 20 x 1.75. If you desire a different size wheel on your sidecar you can work with a local shop to have this modified.

If you are not sure which one you need, email us at for assistance.

Sidecar frame sets typically ship from Europe in 10-15 business days after your order is processed.

How to determine which mounting bracket fits your bike:

- If the length of the chainstay is over 17.3 inches you need a long bracket. If under 17.3", a short bracket. To determine the proper mounting bracket (short or long) measure from the rear wheel to the center of the crankset. If you are not sure contact us after you place your order and let us know the bike model you have and we will choose the correct bracket for you.